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GRGSoft Team, is a software design company operating in Berlin since 2019 and aims to design and develop integrated and fully customized software.

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GRGSoft strives to meet the needs of corporate executives and their customers in the preparation of integrated and fully customized software by applying the knowledge and expertise of its programmers and software developers. By providing a fully customized mobile and desktop software and website, we will help managers and business owners to grow their business and increase revenue. The software provided by our company‘s programmers and developers is usable on all smart devices and Android, iOS, and various desktop operating systems. As a result, managers and their customers can easily run the software on their computer or mobile phone and use its beautiful and fast user interface.

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Planning and moving in a targeted direction with GRGSoft

By planning and preparing a complete map of projects, our team will try to prepare web-based and fully integrated software with the parameters that we are obliged to consider, as we agreed. Therefore we will provide you the best solutions and consequently, you will gain profitable results.

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The procedure of signing a contract with the customer

The contract between the managers of companies and the business owners and our company will be signed in a completely formal way and regarding the clauses of the contract, you will be provided with clear explanations by the company representative, the programming, and the development team. A sample of a contract for ordering and starting a project is provided on our website. If you have further questions, you can refer to the Contact us section and send us an email.

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Project documentation

Technical experts, consultants and GRGSoft programmers will document everything from the starting point and respectively they will record different stages of the development of fully customized software. In this documentation, items such as appropriate route for project implementation, estimation of project volume, different alternatives for software development and final cost estimation will be placed. With the help of this documentation, the technical experts of our company will design your proposed proposal.

Procurement based on customer needs | grgsoft | grgsoftware

Procurement based on customer needs

According to your information and guidance, the technical experts and consultants of our company will prepare a complete and comprehensive proposal for starting the project. The items listed in the proposal are very effective in better preparing a powerful integrated system.


Software development and update

The ability to develop and update web-based software is one of the items that our programmers and developers highly consider while preparing the software and also after preparing it. With the gradual growth of the market, software development is very important and for managers and business owners it’s beneficial if there is the possibility to update the software. To this end, the GRGSoft development team has facilitated the system development process. Our support team will contact and receive customer’s feedback to make changes based on their feedback.

Attractive and fast software design

One of the most important factors for creating a distinction in the market which leads to the superiority of one business over another is having efficient software with attractive design. Therefore, our company’s programming team will design a professional UI and UX for online platforms and web-based software according to the characteristics of your desired orders, using the latest coding methods. By creating a beautiful and fast user interface user satisfaction will also increase.

Provide a schedule for executing the contract

The GRGSoft expert team, along with the project contract, sets up a detailed schedule for the steps involved in software preparation and project delivery. This program will be sent to you by our company’s experts. Our team will act according to the schedule, and at different stages of the work, they will provide you with the latest version of the project along with its reports.

Design different platforms | grgsoft | grgsoftware

Design different platforms

The GRGSoft developer and programming team, including desktop developers, mobile application developers, web developers and graphic designers will design and prepare the featured product you want in three synchronized platforms: website, mobile and desktop.

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