How We Work

During the project implementation by the GRGSoft programming team and developers, you will be provided with documentation related to the work process and team activities.

How GRGSoft Work For You?

Clients in companies contact us via our contact information | grgsoft | grgsoftware

1. Contact us

Clients in companies contact us via our contact information on the GRGSoft team website page or social media to inform us about their project. They give us their email and phone number in order to contact them. We contact them to proceed with the project.

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2. Tell us about your project

To start developing an integrated website and software, managers, customers, and business owners should describe the type of business they need to the GRGSoft team and tell us about the specific features of the software they need. The programming team tries to inform you about its suggestions for better design of software and web pages, step by step, according to the customer’s needs and market analysis. Also, in order to introduce the product to the market and perform digital marketing measures, solutions will be provided to you by the consulting and support team so that you can determine the resource management according to the conditions.

Tell us about your project | grgsoft | grgsoftware
Get the development team | grgsoft | grgsoftware

3. Get the development team

The GRGSoft development team will review and evaluate the features required for your custom software and, accordingly, will guide the performance of team members to create different alternatives on how to reach the final common goal. This will allow the team members to coordinate with each other and plan clearly by specifically defined rules so that the measures can be trusted at all stages for the response. In this stage, our experts decide on how to finalize the programming of the ordered software. They check if all required steps for the conclusion were done on the project. Our experts map out each step and organize all the details of your work in one place to produce the result.

4. Project delivery schedule and warranty

The GRGSoft programming and developing team will provide you with a precise and reliable schedule for project submission and order delivery and will adhere to the plan and give full reports about the improvement of the project through the process. After delivery of the project, the technical support of the website, mobile software, and desktop coding will be done by the programming and support team, and the customer when needed will always be accompanied by our help.

Project delivery schedule and warranty | grgsoft | grgsoftware
Monitor the process and costs | grgsoft | grgsoftware

5. Monitor the process and costs

GRGSoft Team experts will contact you after gathering information about the work process and costs involved in the project and they will inform you about all the specified details involved in the project.

6. Move your project into production

By collecting and completing the required data and information and estimating the cost and time of work, our programming and developing team will begin to produce and design the software and website according to the agreements.


Move your project into production | grgsoft | grgsoftware
Check user feedback | grgsoft | grgsoftware

7. Check user feedback

In several phases during the project to obtain user feedback, trial versions of the order will be shared with the clients by GRGSoft programming team so that possible problems can be identified and in the meantime, the market can be prepared for presenting the product. These measures can help our programming team and developers to provide integrated and customized software.

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