Download Ziggurat ZIGGURAT Software for security personnel and
Download Ziggurat ZIGGURAT Software for security personnel and

What is the Ziggurat software?

Ziggurat Security Software is an integrated, powerful, efficient and fast software designed and developed by the GRGsoft team for security companies.

Why Ziggurat? The main duties of security companies are to protect the security of customers and employees in various places and to protect their assets and property. We have also taken steps in this regard and taken steps to help these companies. Our goal in designing this security software is to create a fully professional environment for the growth and development of business and better management of financial and human resources so that the managers of security institutions and organizations can easily ensure the security of their customers.




GRGsoft software development team has designed Ziggurat using powerful tools and there are many capabilities in it, all of which are provided to you by high-speed servers.



You can customize how to use the software capabilities and edit according to your needs. Developers can also develop software and add various features to it.



We have designed the software in three platforms: desktop, mobile and web and integrated so that information and capabilities are available to managers, employees and customers on any device and with any operating system.

Application environment images

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ziggurat desktop version | grgsoft | grgsoftware


The desktop version allows corporate executives to easily access all features and capabilities of the software and manage the database comprehensively using their computer and laptop.



The mobile version is designed for security personnel and customers to easily use the features and capabilities of this software at any time and place.


ziggurat mobile version | grgsoft | grgsoftware
ziggurat web version | grgsoft | grgsoftware


The web version is the main platform for connecting users and business owners, and all mobile and desktop capabilities are provided to managers online.


Always Available

Ziggurat security software can be run on a variety of computer systems and smartphones so that managers, employees and customers can use it easily. Customers can also register at any time and any place through the software and reserve security forces. It should be noted that this software is provided to the company for free and only a monthly subscription fee is charged.


Easy Access

Easy Access

Managers can easily check the position and type of staff activities and communicate with them through chat and video calls.

Information Security

Information Security

Ziggurat software protects your information well and each person according to their position can access a certain level of information.

Resource Management

Resource Management

A variety of financial reports and staff performance can help you grow your business and save you time and money.

Job seekers should read

In Ziggurat software, a section has been created as a job advertisement to attract the workforce of security companies and job seekers. Applicants for security jobs can register their details in the software and introduce their skills to the desired security companies. Downloading and using the mobile version is completely free.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy and install Ziggurat software?

To purchase this software, you can go to the contact us page and purchase the software through communication channels such as phone number, email address, Twitter, and Facebook. In addition, you can go to the company’s head office to buy and sign a contract.

What platforms is Ziggurat software designed for?

When you purchase the software, a package containing different versions of the product will be delivered to you that can be installed on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. Therefore, you can easily use it on all platforms and any operating system.

Who can use Ziggurat software?

Ziggurat is a comprehensive software for business growth and development and has various capabilities that managers, staff and customers of security companies can use based on classified access. People who are looking for a suitable job in the field of security can also benefit from Ziggurat software.

Is it possible to find a suitable job with ziggurat software?

Yes, there is a feature in this software through which job seekers can import their security skills and find a job in security and protection companies. Security and protection business managers can also post their job advertisements in the relevant section.

How can managers communicate with their staff through Ziggurat software?

There is a section called Messaging in the software where managers can communicate with their staff online and send and receive various messages. Even customers can easily communicate with security guards and protection forces through this feature.

What is the level of information security in Ziggurat software?

Registered information of managers, staff and customers in Ziggurat software is protected using very strong security algorithms and access to this information is possible only through a dedicated panel and based on classified access levels defined by the management.

How is the classified access of managers, staff and customers?

There are restrictions for using Ziggurat software and having access to the information and capabilities available in it, therefore each person can access them according to their position and job level. For example, managers have access to all information, but staff can only view information about themselves.

How the software support is done?

Ziggurat software support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the GRGsoft support team. In addition, the support team can visit your company at specific times with prior coordination to fix your problems and answer your questions.

What companies can use Ziggurat software?

Ziggurat is a security software that security companies and protection companies can use to manage the  personnel and administrative and financial affairs of their business.

How to use different parts of Ziggurat software?

How to use all the features and different parts of the Ziggurat software has been prepared as a help file and placed on the dedicated web page of the Ziggurat. You can go to the related page and download the help file. The purchase package also includes a help file that business managers can use it.

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